Cleaning Service

Commercial Cleaning Service

Our commercial and retail cleaning services are priced fairly and are at competitive rates with other organizations. However, we feel our service is the best because of our excellent customer service and dedication to our trade. For more information on how you can hire us for your business, whether it is a large corporate building or a small boutique, call Magic Mollys.

When you need a cleaning professional to come regularly our cleaning service can help get your store, studio, gym, or restaurant immaculate and maintain it that way. Magic Mollys Cleaning Service can customize their cleaning to suit your businesses specific needs, but some basic services you can expect include:

Cleaning window displays
Dusting all fixtures and furniture
Floor waxing and carpet shampoo
Cleaning all glass, mirrors and shelving
Cleaning and sanitizing restrooms
Vacuuming and mopping of all flooring

Many companies offer commercial and retail cleaning services and Magic Mollys is among the best. We customize our approach based on the type and size of your space. However, there are some general practices we follow each time a client requests cleaning. Vancouver Island’s stores, studios, gyms, and restaurants can benefit from being spotless throughout all parts of the space. Your customers are far more likely to return to a clean space.

Who Cares If the Store is Clean?

It is important for storeowners to maintain a presentable appearance for a store. This idea is not simply based on customer comfort, but also on their likelihood to purchase products. In a January 2009 study, the NACS/Coca-Cola Retailing Research Council determined that shoppers are likely to limit purchases if a commercial store is not clean. This applies especially to customers who use the store restroom, though the cleanliness of the other parts of the store is of significant importance too.
Read about the study here Dirty Secret By Jerry Soverinsky.

Why Should You Hire Magic Mollys?

We are the premier company for store and retail cleaning services. If you hire Magic Mollys, you can have peace of mind that your store will be thoroughly cleaned and spotless. Below are a few more reasons why you should hire us to clean your retail space:

Reliable, efficient, affordable services for peace of mind.
Choose from One-off Services, Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Yearly Services Plans.
You won’t have to go through the trouble of interviewing, hiring, staffing and training cleaning employees.. Our employees are honest, dependable and bonded.
We utilize all the latest technology and green products.
We offer safe cleaning procedures and services.
We offer very competitive and reasonable rates.

Let’s work together

Our rates are very competitive. We keep them that way so we can remain affordable to the people who need us most.