Rental Cleaning

Vacation Rental Cleaning

Vacation Rentals are a home away from home, and hiring a cleaning service is essential to keep customers coming back. Cleanliness, safety, and security are the most important details owners must focus on. Guests expect their rooms to be even cleaner than their own homes. That’s where we come in: Magic Mollys offers everyday housekeeping of rooms as well as advanced janitorial services like power-washing of tile and grout.

Housekeeping services include:

Basic cleaning, which includes trash pickup, making the bed, floor/carpet cleaning, light dusting, and cleaning restrooms while guests are currently staying in the rooms.

Deep cleaning, which includes tasks such as disinfecting bathrooms, kitchens and furniture after guests leave.

There are countless Vacation Rentals, and each one is looking to attract repeat clientele. In order to do so, cleanliness is of paramount importance. Otherwise, guests will stay a single night and never come back or do worse and leave bad reviews for your hotel online. Fortunately, our cleaning services can help make your home away from home a place that people will not only come back to but tell their friends and family about.

Basic Housekeeping Package
The basic cleaning package includes several thorough cleaning tasks. Our trained staff will remove trash and change garbage bags. They will also change sheets, make beds with clean linens, clean floors, vacuum carpets, and do basic dusting. We will make sure that the restrooms are clean and keep toiletries stocked and available for the next guest’s convenience.

Deep Cleaning Package
The deep cleaning package includes all of the benefits of the basic package and quite a bit extra after a guest checks out. We will thoroughly disinfect the bathroom, kitchen and in addition we include the following services.

Victoria is one of the hottest tourist spots in the world, and with all of these visitors, it is imperative that we keep your space as clean as possible. Go the extra mile to make your space is cleaner with our couch-cleaning, and upholstery-cleaning services.

Our mattress-cleaning services ensure that your guests stay happy and healthy when they stay at your rental and tell their friends.

Often, the first place someone will sit upon entering a room is the couch. The world is many things, but pollution-free is not one of them, so all of the dust and pollutants that might have gotten on a person’s clothes can easily be transferred to a couch. Our couch-cleaning services help make sure your couches are always clean for the next guest.

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